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Despite your fervent desire to become a homeowner, and although you want to do everything to succeed in paying what you need, sometimes the negative answer is at the end of the process and it is, therefore, the refusal of real estate that you must accept.

Why can you be denied Real Estate?

home loan

It is not rocket science especially in the current situation of huge deficits in many European countries, to understand that the banks themselves in difficulty, lend only if you have as they say “solid kidneys”.

It is obvious that the family with fixed incomes, a “normal” family life, a real estate property that can serve as collateral, is not equal to bank loans, compared to the “X” family. “Riddled with debt, unable to make ends meet, and having to pay heavy debts … Financial institutions are cautious these days and if you go through a period of unemployment, you have a disabling accident, that overall your income will fall … the refusal of will be 9 times out of 10 what we will answer you.

In the case of a Pedrolino real estate loan, you ask him to adjust the repayments in balanced monthly payments sometimes over the longer term to better manage daily expenses. Also remember that a real estate credit, or not, can make you benefit from a small contribution of liquidity to palliate at the hurry in the event of exponential difficulties.

The problem is that lenders, financial institutions specializing in the credit have more and more trouble to grant these credits. They see noon at their door and realize that a Pedrolino means difficulties to ensure repayments and suddenly … the door closes in the announcement of a refusal of real estate credit.

Clearly, some socio-professional categories are more targeted than others and it is systematic to be signified a refusal credit for trades classified as having no regular income: traders, craftsmen, managers of society. But also the people whose life is tumultuous and whose couple having subscribed in common loans is in personal difficulty;

The refusal of credit is justified by the banks by the fact of not wanting to deal with unpaid bills, or overdrafts too important

The refusal of credit is justified by the banks by the fact of not wanting to deal with unpaid bills, or overdrafts too important

Some people in these cases, however, manage to avoid the refusal of their application for consolidation of a mortgage by bringing many guarantees such as a mortgage or a second mortgage if for example, you have a second home.

Unfortunately, these steps are often unsuccessful and very stressful for the applicant who has the impression to be “plucked” of everything he has …

But the big banking and financial signs are not social services, and it is important to understand that if they answer you by a refusal of Pedrolino real estate credit, it is that in spite of all they are indifferent of the small portfolios to the profit of prestigious customers who they are enough to turn the money!

On the other hand, and thankfully, a few small banks that have long relied on people in financial difficulty, agree to study your case. These are more specialized banks in cases of debt or Pedrolino credit for dramatic reasons. If they can still end up with Pedrolino’s refusal of Pedrolinos real estate, they are implementing a lot to still offer real estate restructuring. They sometimes manage to grant you a refinancing of credit to avoid the dreaded refusal.

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Sure You Already Know About Payday Loans or Loans http://www.le-on.org/sure-you-already-know-about-payday-loans-or-loans/ http://www.le-on.org/sure-you-already-know-about-payday-loans-or-loans/#respond Sun, 05 May 2019 02:40:47 +0000 http://www.le-on.org/sure-you-already-know-about-payday-loans-or-loans/


Cross Puzzle About Online Loans

Cross Puzzle About Online Loans

Before we thoroughly examine the payday loan online or loan, to make it more exciting, try to check your knowledge about loans through crossword puzzles that you must fill in the following:

Get to Know the Lines in the Age of Financial Technology

Get to Know the Lines in the Age of Financial Technology

Are you still unfamiliar with the term payday loan?

Some time ago, lending money was discussed because financial institutions competed to create innovation amid the development of the financial world towards Financial Technology.

Innovations created are born through the application of technology to the transaction system so that it can be accessed safely anytime and anywhere through customer gadgets as a form of best service. Regarding the loan, it is a credit facility or loan service that can be done online. Looking at the process, it is considered easier and faster than submitting unsecured credit facilities or other personal loans offered by financial institutions such as banks.

It’s just that the nominal given in this loan is indeed not big but at least it can help you when you need urgent or sudden money needs. Although the process is relatively fast, there are still some requirements that must be completed. Even though it looks profitable, but you need to be careful in dealing with this loan, one of them is by choosing and ensuring a trusted site or company.

In addition, you also need to know that usually the interest rates offered for loans are higher than bank loans, accompanied by a shorter tenor or loan period.

Lending Service Provider

If you are curious about this loan system, there are many sites or start-up companies that facilitate loan services. Some of them are as follows:

# 1 Loanapedia

Are you familiar with Loanapedia? Usually what do you do on this platform? Buy and sell online?

Well, for your information, Loanapedia currently provides loan facilities with a maximum tenor of 96 months and a maximum nominal of 200 million rupiah, for loans in the form of loans with collateral or loans without collateral. Loanapedia also partnered with a number of banks and financial institutions in Indonesia to provide loan and insurance facilities.

# 2 MangTeam

MangTeam is a business managed by Company in Indonesia which is overseen by the OJK. MangTeam as a credit provider service site with a short tenor, which is between 10 and 30 days.

MangTeam provides loans for both consumer and business purposes with a maximum loan of IDR 6000,000. Loans in MangTeam do not require collateral and do not require a credit card, with the process of applying for credit until disbursement for 3 working days.

# 3 Tunaykae

Must be familiar with Tunaykae?

Yup, sites that are under the management of Bank in Indonesia provide online money loan services without collateral with a maximum nominal of IDR 20,000,000 and a maximum tenor of 20 months for consumptive and productive purposes.

The advantages of this site are also supervised by OJK, you know…

These are the Terms, Method of Submission, and Pasmoney Payment Rules

These are the Terms, Method of Submission, and Pinjol Payment Rules

The loan is often the choice of the people who need urgent cash needs. Generally, the loans proposed are consumptive loans and productive loans with a short term.

Credit Terms

Although fairly practical because you do not need to come to a bank or financial institution, there are still some requirements that must be met, including:

  1. Minimum age 21 years, and have a KTP.
  2. Indonesian citizens.
  3. Have a bank account.
  4. Fill in accurate personal data.
  5. Include supporting documents, including salary slips or business certificates.
  6. Some sites / applications will also ask you to upload selfies.

As the name implies that this loan is done online, then you can submit these conditions through the site or application by following the procedures and steps listed on the site or application.

How to submit a payday loan

Here are a few simple steps for those of you who are interested in doing a payday loan:

  1. Visit the site or install the online money loan application that you want.
  2. Fill in the online form then input the loan amount and tenor you want.
  3. Select your loan payment / repayment process
  4. Complete the submission process and wait for the notification regarding the verification process no later than 3 × 24 hours since you applied for an online money loan.
  5. Once verified, you will be asked to sign a contract, then the funds will be transferred to your account. Simple right?

Pasmoney Payment Rules

Oh yeah, after you receive the funds transferred through the loan, you don’t just fall asleep until you forget to pay the installments and the loan interest. From the varied tenors that you choose, be it daily, monthly, or yearly, there are loan interest in them that must be paid.

Worry if you don’t follow a payment schedule that has been set or is due, you will be fined according to the policies of the lending company. But, if in the middle of the tenor it turns out you have more fortune and intend to pay off before the tenor runs out, you can still make returns faster without being charged a penalty fee.

If you intend to apply for a loan again, you have to wait several days after paying off the loan in accordance with the policy of the lending company to be able to apply for the next loan.

Pay attention to Profit and Loss of Payday Loans

Pay attention to Profit and Loss of Online Loans

Like two sides of a coin, there are advantages and disadvantages of this innovative service. If you are not careful, instead of profit, you will get a loss.

So, before applying for a loan you should consider the following profit and loss side:

Benefits of a payday loan

  1. Pasmoney is the solution for you who need funds in a fast time,
  2. The submission process is done online, so you don’t have to bother visiting merchants or branch offices to apply for money loans.
  3. Requirements are relatively simple and not difficult.

Lending Losses

  1. The loan has a short tenor, meaning you must immediately provide money to repay the loan before the due date.
  2. If you pay late, a substantial fine will be charged.
  3. Interest on loans tends to be higher than loans from banks.
  4. The amount of funds that can be borrowed is smaller than a loan from a bank.

Consider Priorities and Capabilities when Submitting Lending

Consider Priorities and Capabilities when Submitting Lending

Innovations born from the development of the financial world deserve to be appreciated, but that does not mean that these loans bring bad habits because you think that to get cash is not a difficult process.

We recommend that you return to your priorities and needs before applying for an online loan. This priority must be in line with your ability to pay the installments. So, be wise huh… Oh yeah, you can read the Financial Planning ebook for the age of 20 from the Karamazov brothers below for FREE, so you can better plan and organize your finances, happy reading.

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Personal loan, insurance & egrave; optional or mandatory? http://www.le-on.org/personal-loan-insurance-optional-or-mandatory/ http://www.le-on.org/personal-loan-insurance-optional-or-mandatory/#respond Thu, 21 Mar 2019 09:26:50 +0000 http://www.le-on.org/personal-loan-insurance-optional-or-mandatory/ We continue our adventure trying to untangle ourselves better and better during the phases required for the request for a personal loan, without any difference in age or social status. The present councils are useful both to the pensioner and to the student, both to the worker and to the employee.

We have explained the considerations that the bank or financial company takes into account, we have dealt with the loan to pensioners with a fifth assignment, supported with advice to follow before requesting a personal loan, and now we are going to give you this clarification too, the insurance on the personal loan is mandatory or optional?

Capital insurance is always offered in conjunction with the personal loan application

Capital insurance is always offered in conjunction with the personal loan application

It may be of a different type but the primary purpose remains to protect the capital, both of the bank and of the client who stipulates the policy and therefore to ensure that in case of failure to pay the loan it has adequate insurance coverage.

There are different solutions among those proposed by banks or financial institutions that provide us with personal loans. They range from the standard that covers the case of death and disability of the customer to that which also covers accidents, loss of work and the like.

The required personal loan insurance also differ in terms of coverage

personal loan

In fact, they can partially or totally cover the cost of the installment and the entire requested loan. In the event that one of the conditions occurs, documentation must be sent and the commitment will be accepted.

We conclude by stating that personal loan insurance is absolutely optional, so you are not required to stipulate it even if it is always better to do so as usually the cost is low and covers the risks of death or illness or loss of work.

The only exception to the rule is the assignment of the fifth. In this case the personal loan insurance is required by law and must cover both the job risk and the contractor’s death risk.

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Small Non-bank loan | Payday Loans http://www.le-on.org/small-non-bank-loan-payday-loans/ http://www.le-on.org/small-non-bank-loan-payday-loans/#respond Sun, 24 Feb 2019 10:23:35 +0000 http://www.le-on.org/small-non-bank-loan-payday-loans/

Small non-bank loans

Small non-bank loans

It is time to present another company which is once more well-known on the domestic market of small non-bank loans with a short repayment period, known as popular payday loans.

Lenderspo’s offer is from PLN 100 to even PLN 3000, but for new customers the first loan limit is PLN 500. The repayment period can be selected from 5 to 30 days. If for some reason we will not be able to repay the amount borrowed on time, we have the option of postponing the repayment date, eg by a further 30 days. Of course, such a postponement of the loan repayment date will involve an additional fee.

A novelty in the offer of Lednon is the possibility of obtaining the first loan for free and this applies to an amount of up to PLN 500.

And what are the Lenderspo loan costs? Traditionally, in this case, we took a look at the amount of PLN 500 and if at the first such loan we will not incur any expenses because we have a first loan for PLN 0, we will have PLN 626.00 for the next loan of PLN 500. The amount, therefore, similar to most similar offers, but not the lowest ones, what you could already see when reading company presentations on our website.

What requirements do I have to meet to get a loan at Lenderspo? You must be at least 23 years of age and not more than 65 years old. In addition, we will need an ID card and at the same time Polish citizenship, an active mobile phone and an account established in one of the national banks. We will need a small fee of 0.01 zlotys from our bank account to obtain a payday loan in Lenderspo in order to verify the borrower’s data.

All who ask “what about additional documents?”, We reassure that income or employment certificates are not required, however, Lenderspo does not exclude that in exceptional situations, it may ask for them.

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Short-term Loan without guarantor http://www.le-on.org/short-term-loan-without-guarantor/ http://www.le-on.org/short-term-loan-without-guarantor/#respond Wed, 20 Feb 2019 10:11:29 +0000 http://www.le-on.org/short-term-loan-without-guarantor/

Bankil loan brings short-term loans

Bankil loan brings short-term loans

Get up to CZK 20,000 in a bank account within about 30 minutes. Exactly such possibilities are brought to you by Bankil Loan, a proven non-bank product. A loan offered to people with their own income and bank account or credit card that goes to the money through an online request.

Decide how much you will pay in the final. The flexibility and variability of this solution will amaze you as well as the possibility of avoiding unpleasant administrative activity. Forget about the lengthy and demanding paperwork when you can handle everything from home and over the internet.

Table of Bankil Loan Repayments

Table of Bankil Loan Repayments

Loan Amount Repayment period Charge APR Total
500 CZK 7 days 43,75 Kč 7835% 543,75 Kč
1.000 Kč 14 days 175 Kč 6599% 1.175 Kč
4.000 Kč 21 days 1.050 Kč 5648% 5.050 Kč
10.000 Kč 28 days 3.500 CZK 4900% 13.500 Kč
20.000 Kč 35 days 8.750 CZK 4302% 28.750 Kč

Representative example: Do you need an amount of CZK 14,000 immediately in the shortest possible time? You will then be assisted by a Bankil loan, for which you may choose a maturity of for example 20 days. With these loan parameters you will pay a one-time fee of CZK 3,500, ie. 175 CZK per day. This corresponds to RPSN 5 770%. You will collect a total of CZK 17,500.

A loan without a guarantor to a bank account

A loan without a guarantor to a bank account

Do not warrant your property or any other property. Avoid disadvantageous payment conditions and bet on security, simplicity and transparency. This is the Bankil loan, with which you will receive money on your account just a few minutes after you submit your online form.

One of the most endorsed loans of its kind comes with a variant of early repayment. At the same time, it is free of any hidden charges. And if you happen to be unable to repay your liabilities, take advantage of the extended maturity and worry.

Bankil Loan is a proven model of lending that will be appreciated not only by ordinary employees, but also by entrepreneurs, pensioners or mothers on maternity leave. Apply for a short-term loan with a free application assessment and no more ridiculous commissions. Earn money the same day.

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