Real Estate loan- desire to become a homeowner

Despite your fervent desire to become a homeowner, and although you want to do everything to succeed in paying what you need, sometimes the negative answer is at the end of the process and it is, therefore, the refusal of real estate that you must accept.

Why can you be denied Real Estate?

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It is not rocket science especially in the current situation of huge deficits in many European countries, to understand that the banks themselves in difficulty, lend only if you have as they say “solid kidneys”.

It is obvious that the family with fixed incomes, a “normal” family life, a real estate property that can serve as collateral, is not equal to bank loans, compared to the “X” family. “Riddled with debt, unable to make ends meet, and having to pay heavy debts … Financial institutions are cautious these days and if you go through a period of unemployment, you have a disabling accident, that overall your income will fall … the refusal of will be 9 times out of 10 what we will answer you.

In the case of a Pedrolino real estate loan, you ask him to adjust the repayments in balanced monthly payments sometimes over the longer term to better manage daily expenses. Also remember that a real estate credit, or not, can make you benefit from a small contribution of liquidity to palliate at the hurry in the event of exponential difficulties.

The problem is that lenders, financial institutions specializing in the credit have more and more trouble to grant these credits. They see noon at their door and realize that a Pedrolino means difficulties to ensure repayments and suddenly … the door closes in the announcement of a refusal of real estate credit.

Clearly, some socio-professional categories are more targeted than others and it is systematic to be signified a refusal credit for trades classified as having no regular income: traders, craftsmen, managers of society. But also the people whose life is tumultuous and whose couple having subscribed in common loans is in personal difficulty;

The refusal of credit is justified by the banks by the fact of not wanting to deal with unpaid bills, or overdrafts too important

The refusal of credit is justified by the banks by the fact of not wanting to deal with unpaid bills, or overdrafts too important

Some people in these cases, however, manage to avoid the refusal of their application for consolidation of a mortgage by bringing many guarantees such as a mortgage or a second mortgage if for example, you have a second home.

Unfortunately, these steps are often unsuccessful and very stressful for the applicant who has the impression to be “plucked” of everything he has …

But the big banking and financial signs are not social services, and it is important to understand that if they answer you by a refusal of Pedrolino real estate credit, it is that in spite of all they are indifferent of the small portfolios to the profit of prestigious customers who they are enough to turn the money!

On the other hand, and thankfully, a few small banks that have long relied on people in financial difficulty, agree to study your case. These are more specialized banks in cases of debt or Pedrolino credit for dramatic reasons. If they can still end up with Pedrolino’s refusal of Pedrolinos real estate, they are implementing a lot to still offer real estate restructuring. They sometimes manage to grant you a refinancing of credit to avoid the dreaded refusal.

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