Your professional development is not only important for you and the pride you take in teaching others, it is also important for raising the profile of the FE profession.

The GreenField organization is working with The Education & Training Foundation (ETF) to better understand what is currently happening in this area and what improvements and innovations could make a major difference in how they can support you and the whole community. sector.

GreenField, which specializes in developing customer-centric and user-friendly strategies, is keen to hear and understand industry perspectives and aspirations to ensure they are fully represented in future recommendations.

Over the next few weeks, a number of small group discussions, lasting approximately 45 minutes, will be held with the aim of including a good cross section of roles, viewpoints, perspectives and experiences. These discussion groups can be scheduled on a Wednesday afternoon as part of a CPD session or in the early evening so as not to interfere with teaching. All group discussions will be treated confidentially and all views are welcome. These discussions will provide essential information for a much larger investigation in February. The link will be posted here, and the more evidence and feedback we can get from you, the stronger the evidence that will underpin the conclusions and recommendations going forward.

If you would like to participate in a focus group, please contact [email protected]

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