Players from across the country are expected to participate in the Professional Golfers Association of Nigeria (PGA of Nigeria) Pet Development Program for Top Stars (Men and Women) known as the Initial Vocational Training (IPE) Program. , which begins today.

According to the PGAN, the program, the calendar of which was distributed to the players and officials concerned a few days ago, will lead to the graduation of the participants.

He added, “This will enhance the abilities and abilities of the participants as PGA pros. More importantly, it will make their service delivery more professional and raise their profile as a PGA Professional.

The PGAN, which recently met with the Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG), said the training opens up an opportunity for every member to improve their knowledge of the sport.

He adds: “The training is open to all interested members of the Association. No member will be allowed to join the training in the middle. Everyone should start together from the beginning, as there will be a lot of assignments, which will be submitted online.

“At the recent meeting, CPG stressed that PEI trainees must have a good internet connection, a smartphone (a computer or laptop will be better), download Zoom on their phone or laptop, open a Google account. with Google Drive and make sure you’re free for the February 2nd class. Its very important. If you don’t already have one, start working on it now so that you are fully ready by February 2nd.

“The training will also be a step for those who want to progress in the profession to continue with ease.

“More importantly, it will put members of the PGA of Nigeria on the same pedestal as their counterparts in developed countries. “

The PGAN also revealed that Mr. Jim van Heuven van Staereling from Holland has been named “our national mentor for the program, which is sponsored by R&A and facilitated by the Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG). He added that it was an online course due to COVID-19 and the distance. “

PGAN revealed that PEI is different from the special training program that will soon begin for female golfers. He added that the training should improve the coaching capacity and service delivery of Nigerian professionals, “and also bring them in line with international standards in the performance of their duties with the use of modern tools and technologies. as PGA Professionals “.

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