OSWEGO – SUNY Oswego Senior Kayla Holley is charting new territory as the National Vice President of Professional Development at the Public Relations Student Society of America.

With a dual major in public relations and business administration, Holley is Oswego’s first student to achieve national office in the 20-year history of the college chapter of the student branch of the Public Relations Society of America.

Nationally and locally, PRSSA aims to present students with opportunities in the field of public relations through professional networks and career counseling, while promoting ethical principles and embracing diversity through events, workshops and community fundraising.

“As a public relations major, all the classes we take, everything we learn has really helped me with this position and how to be professional,” said Holley.

“During this first month, I was able to connect with the PRSSA and PRSA team who will help me implement the different initiatives this year, define my platform for my position and start collaborating on these initiatives. such as blogging, preparing podcasts, and brainstorming. events, ”said Holley.

The new role is part of a busy summer for Holley, who works professionally as a junior level content coordinator for Tipping Point Communications agency. Holley linked her public relations courses to SUNY Oswego knowing the fundamentals of effective communication and the value of research in both avenues.

“For PRSSA, I organize articles for PR Daily, which is a huge publication that receives so many PR professionals, where I am one of two student representatives. I’m writing a story for that as well, ”said Holley, which is a rare and golden opportunity. “I just recorded a PRSSA podcast episode for the ‘PR With the Pros’ series with my supervisor from Tipping Point Communications, where I’m working in Rochester this summer.”

The VP of Professional Development for PRSSA is a major opportunity and responsibility, linking resources for student-managed activities as well as marketing PRSA workshop training and coordinating articles and blogs with interviews of professionals.

“I’m trying to use my platform for other PRSSA members at the local level,” Holley said. “I want to be able to present them with all the opportunities we have. “

This includes creating events and opportunities for many more, including PRSA and PRSSA members who can attend the ICON 2021 event, an annual in-person and virtual international conference this fall in Orlando.

This event will provide training and networking on topics such as crisis communication, advocacy, activism, agility, preparedness and much more. These events also prepare students for the future by incorporating new innovations and technological solutions in the evolving field of public relations and public affairs.

“I would never be in this position without the support of the professors and other students of SUNY Oswego,” said Holley. She met the past PRSSA presidents early in her years at Oswego and Joseph Stabb, then an educational advisor, was very encouraging in terms of local and national opportunities.

Holley became President of Oswego’s PRSSA in her first year and learned about the national position through a PRSSA Ambassador in November. She decided to introduce herself and was pleasantly surprised when she was elected to the post of Vice-President.

“The best part about it was my local was so supportive,” Holley said. “I am grateful that the Board of Directors really stepped up when I needed it.”

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